2017-2018 Season

    All events Safelight -3p.m.

      Must be registered for event prior to 5:30a.m.

Johns Lake            Jun 11th, 2017

​Winning weight: 20.36               BigBass: 10.00

Lake Toho              Jul 9th, 2017

​Winning weight:19.08                BigBass: 8.27

Harris Chain           Aug 13th, 2017

Winning weight: 20.12                BigBass: 7.19

St. Johns River      Sept 10th, 2017

Event Canceled due to hurricane Irma

Clermont Chain      Oct 8th, 2017

Winning weight: 11.52                   BigBass: 6.08

Lake Toho              Nov 12th, 2017

Winning weight: 18.92                 Big Bass:  8.98 

Butler Chain            Dec 10th,2017

Wining Weight: ​14.52                            BigBass: 5.10

Harris Chain            Jan 14th, 2018

​Winning Weight: 30.22                     BigBass: 7.47

Lake George           Feb 11th, 2018

Astor Public ramp

Clermont Chain       Mar 12th, 2018

Clermont Public ramp   $5.00 parking fee enforced


​Lake Okeechobee     

Apr 14th & 15th  2018

​Scott Driver Park



Upcoming Events

2017-2018 Season Classic

       Lake Okeechobee

For the our 2017-2018 season classic, those teams/individuals that qualified, we will be fishing Lake Okeechbee. The dates are April 14th and 15th.

We will be launching from Scott Driver park. Please plan on arriving early for registration and boat inspections. Please remember, alternate partners are NOT allowed to compete in this event.  

  Event entry is $25.00 per team and Event Big Bass buy in is $20 




Florida Bass Thugs Tournament Trail 2017-2018 Season

Annual Membership Fee: $50
(Includes BassThugsT-Shirt)

Alternate membership $20 registration

Must Be A Member To Fish

1 alternate partner allowed per team, may not fish the Classic

Membership enrollment is open for first 2 tournaments only
(Enrolling an alternate partner is only exception)

Entry Fee: $60
(70% Payout, 20% Holdout for Championship, 10% Admin Fee)

Big Bass Option: $10 per boat.  not required
(Option Pays 100%)

$25  Entry Fee For 2 day Classic Event 

Must fish 8 season events to Qualify for Classic. Alternate partners not eligible to fish Classic

Scheduled Tournament Dates WILL NOT be changed or rescheduled

Tournaments to be held the 2nd Sunday each month

“Tournament Locations subject to change with 20 days prior notice. The Clermont Chain is this years alternate lake

The 2017 Bass Thugs Trail season