For our third  BassThugs After Dark event we will be at the Clermont Chain of Lakes. 

                                     Saturday July 1st  

This is an Open event, so anyone can participate. Entry is $50 per boat with optional $10 BigBass pot.

Registration closes promptly at 5:45pm and take off begins at 6:00pm  Weigh in is at 12:00am 

Big Bass must be alive to qualify.

Boat number is based upon order of registration.

07-01-2017         Clermont Chain O Lakes results           Total        BigBass

1st:    Steve Allen   Mike McDonald                                 13.87          5.00

2nd:   Ryan Stephens   Heath Stephens                          11.88           .00

3rd:    Brent Stagg   Dana Stagg                                        8.58          5.64* BigBass

4th:    Mike Klokus   Kirk Michaux                                      0.00           .00

5th:    Chris Harris   James Grimes                                    0.00           .00

6th     Brandon Purvis   Dylan Harris                                  0.00           .00